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"Surreal and poetic reflections on life and imagination... told in 3rd person through the dreams and adventures of two beings, Sa and Atee." 

Wednesday, October 1

Number Sixty One ©

Atee had a dream.

Everybody was alive. She met people who no one had ever written about. People who had live forever ago, people who were dead yesterday.

All of the colors were back, she saw the colors missing from the leaves and the stars.

All of the rivers flowed into one. All of the lakes and seas were connected to the ocean.

There were kids collecting stones and building statues of the birds and the fish. There were fish floating lazily and fish swimming boldly into the deep waters to impress their friends.

Above the ocean, sometimes their was an, open magnificent sky. Sometimes their was a grand canopy and the waters beneath were cool and covered in moss and vines and all plant life. Trees sprouted from the bottom of ocean floors.

Atee could dig a deep hole in the ground and see into other worlds. Their skies were parallel to her's, their beings walked perpendicular to her's.

She climbed into another world. She floated down the lazy river and watched spiders construct webs across the whole sky. They would catch the rainbows and carry them down underground to their homes.

Sometimes the rainbows would escape and arc out of the earth. Atee would just walk and nearly trip on a rainbow bending out from beneath her.

Atee was convinced the lazy river was a moving ocean. All of the water flowed in one direction. But, it was so wide, she couldn't see land on either side of her anymore.

She was afraid she would fall of the edge of the world. She didn't want to be offered a place in heaven, she just wanted to see the world from the beginning. And she didn't want to be offered an extra dimension to hide treasures in, she just wanted to feel water for the first time, again. And she didn't want to offer anything to the beings with nothing, she just wanted them to feel the theme setting their lives.

She knew somewhere in this world, there were a few dances that hadn't yet been danced. And there was laughter waiting to escape thick heads and heavy faces. That when she would visit tribes drinking coconut milk and eating sticks, she would have just her smile to offer.

As she stared at the sky, another bird got caught in the spider's web. The spider didn't want anything to do with the birds, it was a common misunderstanding. The spider apologized and freed the bird, no hard feelings.

There was always mischievous rascals that wanted to splash and play games with her in the water. And there was always the second sun which rose as the first descended, and it brought deep warm colors. The water reflected gold and deep rose. The wind would fade, the trees would slip into sleep.

She never spent time peeling apples or cutting corners. She put all her eggs in one basket. She waved to nothing in particular.

Always, she wanted to have pictures of these places. And after she had the best day of her life, she would have an even better day. And after she saw what she hadn't expected, she would be surprised again. And if the sky disappeared, she would crawl through the hole into the other world. And if she awoke as a different person, she would melt into their heart and she would dissolve completely. There wasn't anything worth separating from, there wasn't anything real that she could say no to, not a single iota of reality worth ignoring. It was her blessing to be be alive as another person, and it was her blessing to be alive as herself now.

It was pure pleasure to witness, the waves crashing into the sky. To imagine the ripples through the sky, to see the rain leaking through. To wish upon angels and to just glimpse at their halos.

Whether it was shining brightness or shining darkness, Atee had eyes for both. Atee had a hand for the heavy and for the light, legs for uphill and downhill, a single tongue for bitter and sweet. Every moment she could breathe was an opportunity to remember her life, to dream of the future, to jump into love.

Sometimes, Atee just couldn't get out of it. It just wasn't her place to be out.

It was daytime and all of the stars were visible. The air was warm and she was felt so good just breathing.

And she could hold herself above the water and she could wish the dream away. Or she could wish herself to the most distant planet. She could wish that the dream be transferred to someone else's head, or she could wish that the world be filled with free dreams. Just pick one up and leave one for someone else. Everyone could see all of the beautiful places she had been too for themselves.

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