This is the home of Sleeping in the Meadows.

"Surreal and poetic reflections on life and imagination... told in 3rd person through the dreams and adventures of two beings, Sa and Atee." 

Table of Contents

Number One                  
Number Two                        
Number Three
Number Four
Number Five
Number Six
Number Seven
Number Eight
Number Nine
Number Ten
Number Eleven
Number Twelve
Number Thirteen
Number Fourteen
Number Fifteen
Number Sixteen
Number Seventeen
Number Eighteen
Number Nineteen
Number Twenty
Number Twenty-One
Number Twenty-Two
Number Twenty-Three
Number Twenty-Four
Number Twenty-Five
Number Twenty-Six
Number Twenty-Seven
Number Twenty-Eight
Number Twenty-Nine
Number Thirty
Number Thirty-One
Number Thirty-Two
Number Thirty-Three
Number Thirty-Four
Number Thirty-Five
Number Thirty-Six
Number Thirty-Seven
Number Thirty-Eight
Number Thirty-Nine
Number Forty
Number Forty-One
Number Forty-Two
Number Forty-Three
Number Forty-Four
Number Forty-Five
Number Forty-Six
Number Forty-Seven
Number Forty-Eight
Number Forty-Nine
Number Fifty
Number Fifty-One
Number Fifty-Two
Number Fifty-Three
Number Fifty-Four
Number Fifty-Five
Number Fifty-Six
Number Fifty-Seven
Number Fifty-Eight
Number Fifty-Nine
Number Sixty
Number Sixty-One
Number Sixty-Two
Number Sixty-Three
Number Sixty-Four
Number Sixty-Five
Number Sixty-Six
Number Sixty-Seven
Number Sixty-Eight
Number Sixty-Nine
Number Seventy
Number Seventy-One
Number Seventy-Two
Number Seventy-Three
Number Seventy-Four
Number Seventy-Five
Number Seventy-Six
Number Seventy-Seven
Number Seventy-Eight
Number Seventy-Nine
Number Eighty
Number Eighty-One
Number Eighty-Two
Number Eighty-Three
Number Eighty-Four
Number Eighty-Five
Number Eighty-Six
Number Eighty-Seven
Number Eighty-Eight
Number Eighty-Nine
Number Ninety
Number Ninety-One
Number Ninety-Two
Number Ninety-Three
Number Ninety-Four
Number Ninety-Five
Number Ninety-Six
Number Ninety-Seven
Number Ninety-Eight
Number Ninety-Nine
Number One Hundred
Number One Hundred and One
Number One Hundred and Two
Number One Hundred and Three