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"Surreal and poetic reflections on life and imagination... told in 3rd person through the dreams and adventures of two beings, Sa and Atee." 

Sunday, November 16

Number Seventy One

Sa had just been defeated. He couldn't stand on his own legs anymore. They carried him everywhere.

They carried him off for display and he was shown to everybody, helpless and humiliated.

They looked and they wept. Nobody knew his sorrow.

Sa was relocated to a place far away from those he thought loved and cared for him. He couldn't even see them from down there. He just wanted to see them.

He was trapped, forever, never to be saved. Just like all the others around him. Nobody bothered to visit anymore. Once his usefulness had expired, so had their love.

He thought he knew what love was. But it was all an illusion. He thought forever and always. He thought eternal and everlasting. He never would have guessed.

His life wasn't even his. His life belonged to the ones who took it away. They went on collecting them, went on raising more children and collecting their lives. He would have held onto it, he would taken it with him. But, they didn't even look into his eyes.

He wanted to return and save every last spirit breathing underground.

Sa would continue until everybody was respected and allowed not just a voice, but a place. Just a space to be. Deny the space and they will lose all their time.

Time exists in space, and space exists in time.

Without any space, their futures are nullified.

Sa would rejoin any corner of the universe and remember himself to there.

Why not love forever and always?
Don't let time push you away, because it will escape you.
Don't forget the days you lost, however, don't walk backwards.
Don't waste your space, it won't wait around for you.
Don't believe you are irreplaceable, everything in nature gets replaced.

Remember yourself far away, relive with someone else, as another life, at another time, with the same love and the same soul.

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