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"Surreal and poetic reflections on life and imagination... told in 3rd person through the dreams and adventures of two beings, Sa and Atee." 

Friday, August 1

Number Thirty Four ©

Atee turned all of the lights on. She raised them to max. Wherever she went, she was too blinded to think. With her eyes closed she still could see the light. Her eyes were throbbing, they must have been swollen to twice their size. She couldn't even turn off the lights if she wanted too, she couldn't find them. She felt immaterial.

Her skin was warmed. Every once and a while she passed by a source of heat. It must have been the light. Too hot to touch, but she did anyways. She fumbled with the switch. Her fingers went numb and she didn't know how to move them. She pulled away. It was useless.

She brought her hand too her face. She could see a faint red flow outlining its shape.

It began to regain feeling, but only pain. She thought hot lava was flowing through, down her wrist into each finger.

She lost her mind.

Drums and chanting resonated around a central fire. The dancers were missing, where could they be?

Hiding in the bushes?

The dirt was being kicked around by invisible feet. The entrances to the camp were being opened and shut by invisible bodies.

The chants were louder in certain spots, as if an invisible mouth were originating the sound from there.

Rain fell from the sky. The sky lost color with each drop that fell, soon it was pure white. There were no clouds.

The rain didn't affect the fire. But, it soaked her skin. She stepped into the fire. No heat. They weren't real flames.

The trees moved, her hair was blown all around. The wind whispered in her ear. She couldn't hear a thing, she only felt it, tickling.

The rain fell, all of it. The ground was underwater. The water began to move. All the water flowed to the left. She followed, stepping through it. It moved around the twigs and flowers and rocks. Nothing, not a single bug, floated in the water.

Atee kept following it. Over logs, through tall brush. There came ahead a steep, massive hill. The water had no trouble maneuvering up the slope.

Atee layed down flat, hoping the water would carry her but it left her behind. Now she had to catch up.

She dug her fingers and toes into the muddy surface, gaining a slippery grip. She climbed to the top.

The water was flowing like a river down the opposite side. Atee wasn't even tired. She slid down the hill. The water led her to the beach. It flowed into the infinite ocean and disappeared.

Atee swam into the water and layed down on her back. She let the ocean carry her away.

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