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"Surreal and poetic reflections on life and imagination... told in 3rd person through the dreams and adventures of two beings, Sa and Atee." 

Monday, August 4

Number Forty One ©

Sa saw Atee floating in the water.

The sun was smiling upon the whole beach. Atee knew Sa was trying to swim to her and, kept laughing to herself when the waves pushed him away.

Sa was so close. And then some dumb kid's float would get in his way. Or a fish would bite his leg.

Atee wasn't even floating that far from the beach. Sa was just a poor swimmer. She kicked, splashing water at him. A wave came and pushed him under.

It wasn't until then that he realized how deep the water was. There was miles and miles below them.

There was a glowing orange fish below, sparkling the water around it. It had crystallic scales, Sa wanted a closer view.

He swam directly below Atee and stared at the creature.

Atee looked around for Sa on the surface, she waited for his head to pop up.

Sa followed the fish as it guided him to its school. He could see it off in the distance. They came in all colors and forms.

They all floated around as if they knew Sa, and were expecting him. Maybe the orange fish was a recruiter.

"There is so much diversity down here" Sa thought. Even what he thought were pebbles and stones seemed to be breathing. Fishes with wings sailed and swallowed worms living in aquatic trees.

Sa marveled over the hugeness of everything. Not only was there a massive volume of space awaiting to be archived with millions of beings, but there was so much business. The pirate fish ate the moss before the stone carrier fish could hold it in between its fins and use it to build a stone home.

Sometimes a large ruling class species would echo orders down to the rest. Sometimes one of its own would rebel and begin attacking the ruler. All the smaller workers would then go into hiding for protection.

As Sa scanned the sponges at the bottom, the ocean floor began popping. Bubbles rose and the stuff the floor was made of was displaced. Some of the sea creatures took notice, but not enough.

Without any further warning, the entire section of ocean bottom erupted. All of the surrounding water ejected into the open sky. The blast was so incredibly loud, Sa thought it may have shattered his bones.

There was so much water in the air, some of the fishes were still able to swim around.

The water continued to rise, Sa saw Atee high above him. He wondered when they would begin descending.

Atee was still flat on her back as if she was still floating on the water. Maybe she was, Sa couldn't tell.

He was ensnared in a air pocket, alone. His own free breathing zone.

The mean fish were still playing their cruel tricks, biting unsuspecting, innocent swimmer fish.

The sky became diluted in color. And then Sa noticed another patch of water had been blasted into the sky, as well. That body was now between the sun and himself, channeling the light.

It was then, when Sa noticed that all around him, water was rising gracefully higher and higher into the sky.

The predatory birds had a good time, easily snatching their meals.

Sa thought this would be a good time to swim up to Atee. Somehow Atee knew because she had rolled over and signaled to him.

Sa kicked off the surface of the water which formed the floor of his air cell, and dove upwards into the water.

It was like a maze. And every fish clique owned their own quarters of the ocean. Sa didn't want to intrude on any of their business.

He had to take a long route and go around many of these aquatic clans. By this time, he was lost.

In fact, he may have un-noticingly entered an adjacent water block. It was hard to distinguish between swimming in the ocean above sea level and under sea level. He couldn't even tell that they were all ascending anymore.

He saw a paradisial tropic tree secreting sweet sap for young crustaceans. Sa swam over to it. As he got closer, he saw many more of the same thing behind it. It was a whole row of utopian shade givers. Somehow, it was all just perfect. Because, the sun was indeed shining upon this place particularly. The pale, sensitive creatures took shelter under these generous canopies.

Sa kept swimming too see what else existed that he wasn't aware of.

He saw a beach. All of the water, literally, splashed against its tender face of sand. Sa wanted to call for Atee but, its hard to talk underwater. Maybe she would show up on her own, despite his efforts. "She has a knack for that" he thought.

Sa noticed there wasn't anything on the beach. But, then he realized everything here was water breathing. Sa and Atee were mistakenly involved.

The water grew thinner and shallower and Soon his head poked through. He took a whiff of the warm, thin air. He had forgotten that he was still high above where the air had been thick and full. Sa kind of liked it, he felt playful from the beach but at peace and accomplished like at the summit of a mountain.

It was nice to finally feel the sun's complete warmth, he thought. Comparatively, it was cold in the water.

The sand was soft and smooth, he had the sensation that it was royalty sand and he was the prince. Maybe there was a castle nearby. Sa didn't even bother looking around.

He only looked at the non-rising water. And then he saw Atee floating there.

Without hesitation, he swam out across the water. He knew she could hear him because she turned her head the other way. He splashed water on her. She skipped her fingers across the surface, flicking water back.

He swam underneath her and waited for her to look around for him. When she turned her head, he let himself rise to her opposite side. He layed flat on his back like she did. She looked back to the sky. They could both feel each other peeking out of the corner of their inner eyes. They didn't ask any questions or think anything. They just felt the world press in against them and then release, pulsating with the energy omnipresent.

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