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"Surreal and poetic reflections on life and imagination... told in 3rd person through the dreams and adventures of two beings, Sa and Atee." 

Friday, August 1

Number Forty ©

Atee was walking through waves of slimy ooze. The slime was omnipresent wherever she stepped.

Finally she stepped out. She stepped into an oasis of steam. The steam sweated all the toxins from her skin. Not a drop of oil remained stuck to her.

A round bowl of steaming water was before her. She lowered herself into it. She lowered her face beneath the surface of the water, keeping her eyes open. She completely relaxed.

The glass beneath her broke and she fell into the sky.

It didn't seem real until she saw the earth colliding into her. She was also still above, watching from the bowl above the sky.

She knew something bad had happened. She wasn't moving, just lying there.

Through the clouds she could see the sun rising from behind the planet. She felt good. At least the sun still rose. At least the trees and flowers could still feel the light and the love.

Even if she couldn't move, she knew she could feel the sun. At least she hadn't fallen into a hole, or a cave.

The steam surrounded this oasis with a perfect mysterious cover. She heard another's steps walking through this myst. She felt so gracious that they didn't get stuck in the ooze. "How many must still be lost" She thought.

Even though she hadn't seen the being yet, an energy of companionship was already present.

She could feel the water rippling towards her. But, the fog was so thick she still couldn't see who had entered the pool. She could feel another sequence of ripples being generated from another direction. Another must have entered without her noticing.

The glass shattered and they fell through. The couldn't see them. The temperature began to rise. The water began to evaporate.

The opened her eyes. The intense light reduced her vision to a blur. She sat up and brushed the dirt off of herself.

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