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"Surreal and poetic reflections on life and imagination... told in 3rd person through the dreams and adventures of two beings, Sa and Atee." 

Sunday, August 3

World of Sleeping in the Meadows: Dreaming Room

Sa did not have a dreaming room. The world was his dreaming room.

Tip-toeing across the stones near the water, balancing on one slipper, moss-covered stone, he would be dreaming.

His body was here and his eyes were here, but his grew large and he vacated the world.

Or, as he swam in the ocean, floating on his back, enjoying the occasional spray of water that stung his eyes, he would begin dreaming.

His dreams were activated by many things, almost everything.

Staring at a painting, he became immersed with it, again vacating this world.

It was a beautiful morning, the greatest time of day. Sa had been awakening in a lovely mood, his body was nimble and his mind was free of agitation.

The sky was up above, right where it should be. A frog discovered a puddle on the sidewalk.

Sa really loved this place. He loved how the dirt formed into a solid conglomerate when he mashed it between his hands. He loved how the sand squeeked beneath his toes. He loved how nobody was there to record the sunset, to record the waves, to record the whimsical, lovely details of life.

Sa took a walk. It would be the first and last time he ever walked this way. But, in the moment he was blind to its significance.

He walked by himself, quite at ease and quite content. He was thinking passively of Atee, appreciating and acknowledging his memories with her.

The moon was hanging in the sky in a very bleak and ordinary fashion. The clouds were breaking and shifting in an equally unpuzzling and typical way.

The wind too was unspectacular.

But there was a new feeling inside of Sa. Something had arisen that was surely the result of a cumulative series of past events. But to Sa, he barely noticed anything. This new feeling seemed to be a quite typical one and one which he could intellectual trace back to a number of theoretical causes.

Therefor, Sa continued his casual pace without much concern. However, in time, as Sa's mind wandered off into other places, the feeling stayed. When his mind finally came back, he was a bit amazed. Typically, feelings such as this have shorter lifespans.

He began to value this occurrence. He felt thankful because he quite liked the feeling. It was a mixture of freedom and fortune. He was a little fearless, a little ambitious and a little playful. He was curious too.

He began to fear, at the same time, that this feeling would soon pass. Now, he wanted to hold onto it. He needed it to stay.

He stressed that it would escape his grasp. What if never felt this way again?

In trying to hold onto it, Sa risked reversing the very conditions that led its arising. Luckily, Sa was able to perceive this despite fear-filled anxiety.

Once he realized this, he realized and settled into this new joy. It brought confidence and conviction to him. It made him want to share with the world, want to smile and laugh and hug everybody. It made Sa sleep even more beautifully that night.

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