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"Surreal and poetic reflections on life and imagination... told in 3rd person through the dreams and adventures of two beings, Sa and Atee." 

Saturday, June 6

Number Eighty-Three

Sa and Atee were sitting on the rocky edge of the cliffside. A million birds were diving into the water, hopping on floating stones and hovering, floating about.

The birds had migrated from halfway across the world, just to fish here. And soon they would leave for another journey.

The sun was rising in front of them. The water reflected a hue of persian rose. The whole sky was warm this day. This day, when the sun rose, it wouldn't stop. It wouldn't set and come back again, this was the last sunrise. The world was being pushed out of orbit.

This moment, the sun was as large as it would ever be. Every second it moved farther away. Atee had trouble comprehending what it meant to say goodbye to the sun. It had always been there, since the formation of the planet, and then it give it life.

Atee and Sa sat this day, watching the sun rise for the final time, they both considered the million birds who had no clue.

It was only a few minutes until Sa and Atee had the spontaneous dream of travelling with the sun. To move away from this planet, away from their home.

They dreamed of living on the star itself. However, the sun, as large as they imagined it to be, was not as interesting as this world now. And with the sun removed, this world would again change.

Somewhere, another star must have a world it is protecting. Sa and Atee, if they could only fly and breathe through space to see another populated world and if they only could say goodbye to here and move there.

And when Sa and Atee think of this, they are missing the last moments they have here on this world. As much as they love these birds, they realize they should share some time with everything else.

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