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"Surreal and poetic reflections on life and imagination... told in 3rd person through the dreams and adventures of two beings, Sa and Atee." 

Tuesday, October 27

Number One

Number One

Sa floated upon the surface of the water. The water filled a deep, violent gash in the earth. Lush gardens grew along the coasts.

Time morphed the sky, permutating it with new colors.

Rising benign hills towered over this face of the planet.

Heat from the stars sanctioned Sa's body, he was mesmerized. Sa's nerves wouldn't allow him to move away.

When half of the stars lowered beneath the hills, Sa would swim to the shore. He would climb the hills, eventually reaching a position where the other half of the universe could be seen.

Sa believed in the endless shallow water ocean, where they all could stand and bathe in the light and their feet would relax and submit. For miles they would walk from dry ground to wet ground. The sandy water would create a paste between their toes near the beach and would form a mixture of many sand crystals to a few for even miles out at sea.

The clouds were very low towards the horizon and over the ocean. This was attractive to some, they would walk and walk towards the clouds. Some never came back, others only returned to see the stars once again. They all said it was perpetually dark beneath the clouds.

Sa continued to float along the oily river, rich in paint colors. Depending on its mood, the river would change color. Sometimes Sa imagined a giant leaf dripping with colors. Then Sa would close his eyes and a wave would sweep over him. Sa would sink deeper and deeper, but never reaching the bottom. The pressure would rise, Sa's skin would squeeze tight and Sa would let go. His hearing would leave and he was overwhelmed with a smell fresh and flowery. His eyes would see silver, blooming night beings, crawling along the walls of water bubbles which consistently rose towards the surface but inevitably disappeared somewhere along the way.

An explosion of air propelled Sa high above the water. A great splash violated the dominant silence. Sa landed back in the water, noticing that the bubbles were reaching the surface but dissipating thereafter. Sa was unharmed and allowed the river to float him downstream to an unfamiliar territory to all but the trees.

It took days for him to arrive in this place. The trees were taller than boulders, a phenomenon new to Sa.

Sa drifted along effortlessly through the forest. A lovely cloud was skimming among the tops of the highest trees. The cloud's joy sprayed down upon the forest life. Sa felt very vulnerable in the forest. And it wasn't long before a natural small dryfire scared him off.

The beach waters splashed at each other. The children played with their wooden woodwind instruments, they had a particular talent for music. The older ones would relax and dream to the sounds which miraculously painted the air. From afar, flying creatures could see the beatitude and bliss captured with sound-imagery.

Luck was the whale and the dolphin who gave rides across the endless ocean sea to distant tropical, exotic and sometimes paradoxical places. Not all places were islands for sometimes lands would connect which never ever touched water.

The moons lowered smoothly in their usual pattern. A fountain of cold water awakened the curiosity and youthful energy and life within Sa. Sa stood on his hands but gravity wouldn't help keep both his feet in the air. Slowly, the grass cushioned his landing.

As Sa slipped into a dream, a mirror in the sky reflected him to whole world.

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