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"Surreal and poetic reflections on life and imagination... told in 3rd person through the dreams and adventures of two beings, Sa and Atee." 

Saturday, November 7

Number Seven

Sa told Atee to hold onto the kite they built. They both squeezed tight and jumped off the edge of their world. They couldn't see the bottom, they had no idea where it was. But it didn't matter, they had full trust in life.

The kite functioned as a glider, sailing them across the waves of wind through low-laying clouds of some unknown world which has discovered them.

Sometimes the wind would push them backwards and neither of them could see where they were headed. The air became heavier as they descended, but they were still miles above the ground.

Massive glaciers floated atop seas of lava. Icebergs jutted out like horns.

The lava faded into sand and the sand rose in mammoth pyramids and dunes almost sweeping against their own feet. Atee's shoe fell off and landed softly upon the gentle, virgin surface of a sand dune.

The invisible wings of existence propelled them onward into the womb of the unknown. The once sand dunes now had been washed into the ocean by foamy waves.

Atee's foot was now illuminating light, her whole body began radiating light and her voice was almost silent.

The waves fell into a hallow pore of the planet. Sa was witnessing innumerable spores of fungus populate what used to be underwater mountains. The peeks jutted out making buttes and plateaus, in between the valleys sunk low into the crust of the planet. Once the water had left, fungus began claiming the whole territory.

Somehow Atee and Sa were carried upwards by a powerful force and the fog of the clouds hid all of the splendor of their new playground.

Once the clouds passes by, they met sweet angels passing by in the opposite direction. Neither Sa nor Atee were able to say goodbye or hello, but full eye contact and smiles were shared. Afterwards, they felt like angels were still them, althought at that first moment, Sa had no idea that it was an angel. It was only once it smiled that Sa could tell.

Gigantic structures made of sand and crystals, emeralds and diamonds towered marvelously over the land beneath their feet. Beings made of diamonds and emeralds moved about on their legs, kissed with their own lips and talked with their own lungs. Each one reflected the rays of the many stars uniquely. Each one could see that they al had their own reflection, their own light and their own crystallic eyes.

Their kingdom never seemed to end. Just as they flew over the castles, small villages and trees and rivers made of gems and amethyst sprouted from the shroud.

Atee's own inner light caused trillions of beams to be refracted back in other directions. The crystal beings acted as prisms, bending and shaping the light. Some of the beings looked up and prayed to them, but most continued meditating under the stars, swimming in the rivers and bathing in the pools of paint.

Sa said a prayer for all of them. He prayed that their king beise and compassionate, that their rivers be pure and loving, that their stars be lucky and forever bright, that their trees be whole and rooted, that their soil be healthy and tender and that their peace may last as long as their is a sky above their heads.

The energy shifted and Atee and Sa were pushed into another direction. Sa prayed to the planet that their kite may guide them to safety.

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