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"Surreal and poetic reflections on life and imagination... told in 3rd person through the dreams and adventures of two beings, Sa and Atee." 

Tuesday, April 13

One Hundred and One

Atee awoke at the bottom of the endless ocean. The sun shone warm orange through her eyelids alerting her of the morning.

She swam to the surface and just had to tell him something. She couldn't decipher how long she had been underwater, but she knew she must have missed a lot.

She loved sleeping in the meadows or napping in a sunshine bath beneath the sea. She especially loved the way her skin felt upon waking up underwater

Her favorite feeling was when she broke the surface and felt the pure sunbeams dry her face.

She opened her mouth and breathed the revitalizing beach air. The water stood still around her. For the first time she heard soaring birds caw. 

Every time she opened her eyes and saw the raw colors reflected back to her, she smelled rebirth visiting her. Out of the water, like a newborn out of the womb, she wrapped herself up with a fresh innocence. Presented to her were bubbles of joy and she wouldn't hesitate at all because she was powered by the natural momentum of existence.

During these hours the sky didn't change. The sun imagined the green plants. Without green plants and beautiful gardens, there wouldn't be a sun. All of the light of the sun emitted from these plants which involved into seeds. Atee involved towards the beginning of life, she awoke before falling asleep. She entered through the conclusion of her dreams, passing through their fuzzy formation, and tracing all of her drowsy thoughts to the sensation that gave birth to her.

The stars separated her from Sa. She followed her footsteps. Dusty footprints in the dirt led her towards a meadow. The moon illuminated her journey until the sun rose and put her to sleep. She fell asleep in the meadows dreaming of the earth beneath the pads of her toes and of the raindrops tapping against her head.

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